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Birch Water Purifying Essence

Replenish skin with a lightweight essence that restores moisture levels. Birch water purifies the skin while botanical collagen increases elasticity and improves barrier function. An essential step that helps the skin better absorb and retain the benefits of subsequent products.

Coola- Daily SPF 18 Refreshing Water Mist


Full Spectrum 360° Refreshing Water Mist - SPF 18

  1.7 fl oz / 50 mL Mist away and reset the day with our breakthrough Refreshing Water Mist sunscreen. This alcohol-free formula infuses organic aloe and coconut water with our plant-derived Full Spectrum 360° technology to help mitigate the effects of today's modern skin aggressors, including HEV light (aka blue light), IR, and pollution. Featuring a blend of antioxidants and Indian Jasmine plant stem cells, our weightless Water Mist helps keep you hydrated, refreshed, and protected no matter where your day takes you. •70%+ certified organic ingredients •Broad-spectrum SPF 18 to refresh to your base sun protection throughout the day •Alcohol-free •Plant-derived Full Spectrum 360° complex helps mitigate the effects of HEV blue light, IR, and pollution •Hydrating and refreshing •Organic coconut and aloe water •Reef-Friendly / Vegan / Cruelty-Free / Gluten-Free  
  • How to use

    Shake well. With your eyes and mouth closed, mist face evenly, holding bottle 10-12 inches away from face. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after swimming, sweating, or immediately after towel drying, and at least every two hours. TIP: A great way to reapply SPF without having to take off or ruin your makeup!   How To Recycle Our Glass Bottles Glass is highly recyclable! Step 1: Remove the cap and pump. Note! Although the pump is made of recyclable materials, this part is non-recyclable as it is unable to be disassembled. Step 2: Completely wash and rinse the inside and outside of the glass bottle. Step 3: Recycle or repurpose the glass bottle!

Eminence Organics Mangosteen Revitalizing Mist

This invigorating mist is A dreamy combination of antioxidant-packed mangosteen, energizing ribose and pore-refining red clover are amazing to revitalize the skin and refine your pores!

Lime Refresh Toniques

A refreshing toner for all skin types, particularly normal to oily skin. Rich in vitamin C, this invigorating mist tones and balances the skin’s appearance with freshly squeezed lime juice. Retail Size: 4.2 oz / 125 ml Cleanse skin and apply 1-2 sprays of toner over the entire skin surface. Re-apply anytime during the day for a lift and to refresh the complexion.

Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating mist

25% increase in collagen in just 6 days! Collagen boosting toner for all skin types, especially mature. Neroli oil with natural retinol alternative containing chicory root and tara tree swiss green apple stem cells visibly firms.

Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

Hydrating and soothing for all skin types. This toner is very Healing with the stone crop plant and reduces pigmentation.